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HE-A - European Steel Beams

HEA steel beams according DIN 1025 and Euronorm 53-62

hea steel beam

DesignationDepthWidthThickness WebThickness FlangeRoot RadiusSectional AreaWeightMoment of Inertia - IxMoment of Inertia - IySection of Modulus - WxSection of Modulus - Wy
insert!100 A96100581221.216.734913472.826.8
insert!120 A114120581225.319.960623110638.5
insert!140 A1331405.58.51231.424.7103038915555.6
insert!160 A152160691538.830.4167061622076.9
insert!180 A17118069.51545.335.52410925294103
insert!200 A1902006.5101853.842.336901340389134
insert!220 A2102207111864.350.554101950515178
insert!240 A2302407.5122176.860.377602770675231
insert!260 A2502607.512.52486.868.2104503670836282
insert!280 A2702808132497.376.41367047601010340
insert!300 A2903008.5142711288.31826063101260421
insert!320 A310300915.52712497.62293069901480466
insert!340 A3303009.516.5271331052769074401680496
insert!360 A3503001017.5271431123309078901890526
insert!400 A3903001119271591254507085602310571
insert!450 A44030011.521271781406372094702900631
insert!500 A49030012232719815586970103703550691
insert!550 A54030012.52427212166111900108204150721
insert!600 A590300132527226178141200112704790751
insert!650 A64030013.52627242190175200117205470782
insert!700 A69030014.52727260204215300121806240812
insert!800 A790300152830286224303400126407680843
insert!900 A890300163030321252422100135509480903
insert!1000 A99030016.531303472725538001400011190934
DesignationDepthWidthThickness WebThickness FlangeRoot RadiusSectional AreaWeightMoment of Inertia - IxMoment of Inertia - IySection of Modulus - WxSection of Modulus - Wy

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Tools - accessed from within SketchUp

NOTE!! - the "insert!" and the Tools features works only from within the engineeringtoolbox plug-in inside of SketchUp. Install the plugin/extension as described in the right column - restart Sketchup and open this tool from the Sketchup Plugins/Extensions menu.


undo! - redo!


change color! - of the selected object(s) - may be slow for some more complicated objects (save your model first!)


iso! - top! - front! - right! - left! - back! - bottom!

Make Component

make! - makes a component of the selected object. Note that all objects from the Engineering Toolbox are inserted as individual groups. You should transfer a group to a component sharing the same definition when there is more than one instance of the same object. Tips! Rename the object to its final name before making it a component (in outliner or with right click and entity info).

Rotate Object(s)

degrees around red, green or blue axis! (select object(s) first). Very handy for objects with curved surfaces like pipes, elbows ..

Move or Copy Object(s)

move/copy! no. copies red green blue (offset from current position
- move or copy (multiple) selected objects. Make advanced geometric constructions with multiple selections, multiple copies and the offset.
Tip! - Use "Make Component" to save space and reduce computer load when working with multiple copies.

The Knife

- inserts a "Knife" to cut in one or more objects.
insert the Knife! size of the Knife
cut! - before cut: customize the inserted Knife! The Knife is a group you can rotate, change the size of, and even add or remove objects within (example - add functional curves for advanced cuts). You can also make your own Knife by naming a group "theKnife". After insert and customizing the knife - positioning it to the object(s) where to cut - select the object(s) (must be groups) - and click cut! Afterwards - select the object(s) and remove the parts of the object(s) that you don't want.
YouTube demo of the Knife!

Move an Object to another Objects Position

move! - select two objects - then click "move" and one of the objects moves to the position and angle of the other object. Handy when moving between axis systems.

Change Insertion Point

You can change the position and angle of an inserting object by pre-selecting an existing object before Insert! The inserted object will inherit the position of the selected object. Handy when working with non-default axis.

Insert Line

red green blue - Start position
red green blue - End position
insert! - use this feature to add a reference line

Insert Horizontal Plane

insert! red (size) green (size) blue (vertical position)
- use this feature to add a horizontal reference plane

Insert Vertical Plane

insert! red (horizontal position) green (size) blue (vertical size)
insert! red (size) green (horizontal position) blue (vertical size)
- use this feature to add vertical a reference plane

Insert Box

insert! red (width) green (depth) blue (height)
- use this feature to add a box to the model

Insert external Component

insert! name url
- use this feature to add an external component from the internet by adding the components url

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