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BS 4 - Tee Sections

BS 4 part 1: 1993 Tee sections cut from Universal Beams

bs 4 tee sections

DesignationDepthWidthThickness WebThickness FlangeRoot RadiusSectional AreaWeightMoment of Inertia - IxMoment of Inertia - IySection of Modulus - WxSection of Modulus - Wy
insert!305 x 457 x 127459.1305.517.327.919.1161126.73269866512720435
insert!305 x 457 x 112455.1304.115.923.919.1143112.12906356182395369
insert!305 x 457 x 101451.4303.315.120.219.1128100.42635047112106311
insert!292 x 419 x 113425.4293.816.126.817.8144113.32462256802276387
insert!292 x 419 x 97420.3292.414.721.717.812396.92133645331926310
insert!292 x 419 x 88417.4291.71418.817.811287.91956538991723267
insert!267 x 381 x 99384.826815.625.416.512598.41751040871770305
insert!267 x 381 x 87381266.714.321.616.511086.51547734251550257
insert!267 x 381 x 74376.9265.212.817.516.593.673.51324527281304206
insert!254 x 343 x 85346.4255.814.523.715.210885.11204733151389259
insert!254 x 343 x 76343.7254.513.221.015.29776.21075528921249227
insert!254 x 343 x 70341.7253.712.419.015.289.270991025921149204
insert!254 x 343 x 63338.925311.716.215.279.762.6897621911014173
insert!305 x 305 x 119317.8311.418.431.416.51521191234479181737509
insert!305 x 305 x 90310307.114.123.616.511489.5904357041353371
insert!305 x 305 x 75306.1304.811.819.716.59574.6741546541150305
insert!229 x 305 x 70308.8230.
insert!229 x 305 x 6330622911.919.612.779.762.568981966915172
insert!229 x 305 x 57303.7228.211.117.312.77256.562651717826150
insert!229 x 305 x 51301.2227.610.514.812.764.450.656911457732128
insert!210 x 267 x 61272.2211.912.721.312.777.761.051611694775160
insert!210 x 267 x 55269.7210.811.618.812.769.454.546041471697140
insert!210 x 267 x 51268.321010.817.412.764.350.542451346650128
insert!210 x 267 x 46266.5209.310.115.612.758.746.138851195593114
insert!210 x 267 x 41264.1208.89.613.212.752.341.13527100452396.1
insert!191 x 229 x 49233.5192.811.419.610.262.649.229671174536122
insert!191 x 229 x 45231.6191.910.517.710.256.944.626841045491109
insert!191 x 229 x 41229.9191.39.916.
insert!191 x 229 x 37228.4190.4914.510.247.337.1222483641387.8
insert!191 x 229 x 34226.6189.98.512.710.242.233.6203472637276.5
insert!152 x 229 x 41232.8155.310.518.910.252.341.0259659243676.3
insert!152 x 229 x 37230.9154.49.617.
insert!152 x 229 x 34228.9153.8915.010.242.833.6212145635959.3
insert!152 x 229 x 30227.2152.98.113.310.238.129.9187939732252.0
insert!152 x 229 x 26224.8152.47.610.910.233.326.2167032227642.3
insert!178 x 203 x 37206.3179.59.516.
insert!178 x 203 x 34204.6178.88.814.310.242.833.6157368233276.3
insert!178 x 203 x 30203.1177.97.912.810.238.330.0139560230167.6
insert!178 x 203 x 27201.2177.77.710.910.234.527.1129451126857.5
insert!140 x 203 x 23201.5142.26.811.210.229.323.0112326922437.8
insert!140 x 203 x 20198.9141.86.48.610.224.819.597920518428.9
insert!171 x 178 x 34181.6173.29.115.710.242.733.5115468128878.6
insert!171 x 178 x 29178.9172.
insert!171 x 178 x 26177.4171.57.411.510.232.425.588248422456.5
insert!171 x 178 x 23175.6171.17.09.710.228.722.579840619747.4
insert!127 x 178 x 20176.61266.610.710.224.919.572817916428.4
insert!127 x 178 x 17174.4125.46.08.510.221.116.562614013722.3
insert!165 x 152 x 27155.1166.97.913.78.934.427.064253120063.7
insert!165 x 152 x 23153.2165.76.711.88.929.423.153644817454.1
insert!165 x 152 x 20151.61656.010.28.925.720.146838215546.3
insert!127 x 152 x 24155.4125.
insert!127 x 152 x 21153.5124.
insert!127 x 152 x 19152.1123.
insert!102 x 152 x 17156.3102.46.610.87.620.916.448797.111819.0
insert!102 x 152 x 14154.3101.
insert!102 x 152 x 13152.5101.
insert!146 x 127 x 22129.7147.
insert!146 x 127 x 19127.9146.46.310.97.623.618.529228511539.1
insert!146 x 127 x 16125.6146.
insert!102 x 127 x 14130.1102.26.310.07.618.014.227789.385.517.5
insert!102 x 127 x 13128.5101.
insert!102 x 127 x 11126.9101.
insert!133 x 102 x 15103.3133.
insert!133 x 102 x 13101.5133.
DesignationDepthWidthThickness WebThickness FlangeRoot RadiusSectional AreaWeightMoment of Inertia - IxMoment of Inertia - IySection of Modulus - WxSection of Modulus - Wy

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Tools - accessed from within SketchUp

NOTE!! - the "insert!" and the Tools features works only from within the engineeringtoolbox plug-in inside of SketchUp. Install the plugin/extension as described in the right column - restart Sketchup and open this tool from the Sketchup Plugins/Extensions menu.


undo! - redo!


change color! - of the selected object(s) - may be slow for some more complicated objects (save your model first!)


iso! - top! - front! - right! - left! - back! - bottom!

Make Component

make! - makes a component of the selected object. Note that all objects from the Engineering Toolbox are inserted as individual groups. You should transfer a group to a component sharing the same definition when there is more than one instance of the same object. Tips! Rename the object to its final name before making it a component (in outliner or with right click and entity info).

Rotate Object(s)

degrees around red, green or blue axis! (select object(s) first). Very handy for objects with curved surfaces like pipes, elbows ..

Move or Copy Object(s)

move/copy! no. copies red green blue (offset from current position
- move or copy (multiple) selected objects. Make advanced geometric constructions with multiple selections, multiple copies and the offset.
Tip! - Use "Make Component" to save space and reduce computer load when working with multiple copies.

The Knife

- inserts a "Knife" to cut in one or more objects.
insert the Knife! size of the Knife
cut! - before cut: customize the inserted Knife! The Knife is a group you can rotate, change the size of, and even add or remove objects within (example - add functional curves for advanced cuts). You can also make your own Knife by naming a group "theKnife". After insert and customizing the knife - positioning it to the object(s) where to cut - select the object(s) (must be groups) - and click cut! Afterwards - select the object(s) and remove the parts of the object(s) that you don't want.
YouTube demo of the Knife!

Move an Object to another Objects Position

move! - select two objects - then click "move" and one of the objects moves to the position and angle of the other object. Handy when moving between axis systems.

Change Insertion Point

You can change the position and angle of an inserting object by pre-selecting an existing object before Insert! The inserted object will inherit the position of the selected object. Handy when working with non-default axis.

Insert Line

red green blue - Start position
red green blue - End position
insert! - use this feature to add a reference line

Insert Horizontal Plane

insert! red (size) green (size) blue (vertical position)
- use this feature to add a horizontal reference plane

Insert Vertical Plane

insert! red (horizontal position) green (size) blue (vertical size)
insert! red (size) green (horizontal position) blue (vertical size)
- use this feature to add vertical a reference plane

Insert Box

insert! red (width) green (depth) blue (height)
- use this feature to add a box to the model

Insert external Component

insert! name url
- use this feature to add an external component from the internet by adding the components url

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